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Evaluation: Evaluations last 90 minutes and will discuss current fitness level, goals, medical history, and development of a plan of care.  Cost: $100

Treatments: Treatments last 60 minutes and will vary based on goals and plans discussed during your evaluation. I always want your treatments to feel personalized to you, and therefore these will vary based on your goals, fitness level, and medical history.  Cost: $60/treatment

**10 session discounted rate of $500.00 (savings of $50; each session is discounted to $50)

Group Treatment: This is limited to 2 people and will last 60 minutes. Cost: $100 (savings of $10/person)

**Please note that while I am happy to treat two people at once, this is not ideal. I believe in confidentiality, but to make the most of your medical yoga sessions I will not limit the personalized education I provide you with. Therefore use caution when deciding to take a session with a friend or family member and know that audible privacy cannot be guaranteed. I will not provide group treatments for individuals who do not know each other. 

**Evaluations must be completed individually to ensure thorough history and an effective treatment plan. 

If you do not have yoga equipment, it will be provided for you during your evaluation and treatment sessions. Equipment should not stand in the way of you and your health. However, if you do own your own equipment please feel free to bring it with you. I want you to be comfortable and most people are more comfortable with their own equipment. 

Photography by: Noelle Johnson Photography
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