Happy Global Running Day!

If you follow me on social media (@empwrwellness) or know me in real life, you know that I have been running far longer (no pun intended) than I have been practicing yoga. In fact, the reason I initially got into yoga was because I was having issues with my running. So I wanted to celebrate Global Running Day by writing about why I love running and some of my favorite current running-related things. 

Growing up, my parents insisted that my sister and I were in some form of after school activity. They didn’t care if that activity was a sport, music, or anything else our hearts desired. They just wanted us to be involved. Although I was involved in other sports as well, running quickly became my jam. I got hooked on the post-run feeling (i.e. “runner’s high”) and the sense of community I got from running. 

To this day, if I go too long without running I feel this sense of anxiousness that needs to be released. Like someone shook up a bottle of soda and it’s about to explode. But as soon as I start my run that feeling instantly lessens. This sense of calm is different than any feeling I’ve had while doing yoga or playing sports. Running is my ultimate release. My ultimate sense of freedom. 

While I love the runner’s high, I’m even more hooked on the sense of community I feel as a runner. I’ve met some amazing people while running. I’ve bonded with fellow runners while talking about literally anything and everything on long runs. I’ve helped (and been helped by) others who are struggling after “hitting the wall” while racing. I’ve enjoyed post-run donuts with my team too many times to count. People in this community have applauded me regardless of if I just raced a PR, had a decent training run, or just had one of those bad runs where you feel like you have bricks attached to your shoes. That’s what I love most about the running community. Other runners will support you whether you run a 6-minute or a 16-minute mile. You’ll be supported whether you run a mile or a marathon. Fellow runners, in my experience, are unmatched.

Some of my current running favorites:


Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance by Alex Hutchinson. I can’t recommend this book enough. Engaging and super informative.


Saucony Kinvara. I’m really picky about my shoes and these pass the test.

(Side note- the foot pod on my shoe is a Stryd. I’m still testing it out 😉 )


Garmin Vivoactive. I’m obsessed. It has multi-sport functions so it can track your yoga practice as well. I’ve used Garmin’s half marathon and 10K training plans (that sync to your watch) and have finished both far faster than when I started.


Goodr. Cheap, non-bounce, and polarized. I’ve tried many sunglasses but have been disappointed by all until I tried these.

Post-run drink:

Super greens. I always drink this after my run vs before. It leaves me feeling re-energized, healthy, and fresh!

Half marathon:

Bellingham Bay. Obviously community is important to me…and the community SHOWS UP with this race! I ran this on a rainy day. Despite the weather the town of Bellingham lined the race course with non-stop cheering. If you’re looking for a race in Washington, I highly recommend this one.


Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. Beautiful course. Well organized. You can feel the excitement along the entire course! I’ve done both the Marathon and 10 miler for this race weekend and both are incredible.

Again, happy Global Running Day!

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission if you buy from Amazon using these links, though this is at no additional cost to you.


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