What’s In My Yoga Bag?

Everyone uses different items during their yoga practice. I’ll be the first person to tell you that you do not need anything to do yoga. You can practice on the carpet, in the grass, or in the middle of the kitchen. At no time should you think you need “stuff” in order to do yoga. However, my yoga practice ramped up once I invested in a quality mat and some equipment. So if you’re curious, here’s a peak inside my bag.

Side note- none of the items below are sponsored. I’m doing this simply because I remember seeing an infinite number of products when I was first starting yoga, and was curious about what people actually use. I’m hoping to provide a little insight into those who feel similar to the way I did.

My bag

I love my bag. I’ve had it for a few years now and can’t say enough positive things about it!

My mat

I have searched all over the internet for my mat and unfortunately I can’t find it. If you are in need of a new mat (or a first mat!), check out my guide to yoga mats here

My strap

Straps come in a variety of lengths, but mine is 8 feet long. Poses can often feel different each day and having a long strap to accommodate my “less flexible” days is handy!

Yoga Paws

At the end of a long day when my hands are tired from work, these gloves are a lifesaver. They provide me with extra support, cushion, and grip without sliding around. I don’t use them every time I do yoga, but find myself reaching for them more often at the end of a long day vs morning practice.

Mat cleaner

Not only do I feel like this cleaner does a great job actually cleaning my mat, but it smells amazing! I have the “uplifting eucalyptus” scent, but several other scents are available. 

And there you have it! A quick peak at what’s in my yoga bag. In addition to what’s in my bag, there are a few things I have that I don’t use as frequently but still find useful at times:

  • Blocks– I have two foam blocks that I’ll use when I need to modify my grip (i.e. when my wrists need a break during weightbearing poses) or when I need support during a pose.
  • Yoga blankets— Honestly, I don’t find myself using these very often. I have 2 of these blankets that live in the trunk of my car for the few times that I bring them in to class with me. More often, I find myself using them for warmth when I’m cold after a long beach walk or rainy hike! However, I will say that I recommend pillows and/or blankets often for individuals who have a difficult time laying flat and/or impaired flexibility that make certain floor poses challenging.

Remember, you don’t need “stuff” to do yoga. I started my practice on the carpet in the middle of living room. But if you are interesting in what other people use, I hope this was helpful ♥


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